Identifying the signs of addiction in secretaries

In any corporation, organization or business, secretaries are a valuable inclusion and their importance cannot be overstated.

Secretaries are individuals who have special attributes that other employees might not have. And due to this, they are highly susceptible to getting addicted.

A good number of secretaries do not know how to handle stress and this is why a lot of them start abusing alcohol, drugs and the likes that helps them handle stress. With time, these secretaries begin to rely on these substances to help them work for longer hours than usual.

It is difficult to tell if a secretary is addicted because they do a good job at masking it. However, you can tell if your secretary is addicted so that they can seek help as soon as possible.

First off, if you notice that your secretary behaves in an intoxicated manner, there is a chance he or she is addicted. This is one of the most apparent signs of intoxication. At this point, the secretary fails to mask this effect making it obvious to anyone who cares to be observant.

If you notice that your secretary reeks of alcohol or any unknown substance, watch them well, there is a huge chance that they are addicted. And at this point, it is vital for you to step in and assist them in seeking help.

Another obvious sign of addiction in secretaries is reckless behavior. If your secretary who is normally meticulous starts to behave and attend to tasks with reckless abandon, then they are secretly battling addiction.

When you closely observe the way they talk and act, you will see that they are addicted and alongside struggling with their mental health.

In addition, if you observe that your secretary is beginning to behave secretly, there is a huge sign that they are addicted. Most times, addicted individuals lie about their activities because they want to engage in their addiction.

If you know any secretary who behaves queerly, you need to find out what’s happening and encourage them to seek help.  

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