Common Secretary Addictions

secretary addictionsSecretarial work is a very common and necessary position to our society, and the work tends to draw like minded people. Statistically, secretarial work is still largely female dominated, but there is a small male presence in the secretarial pool. Something less well known about secretarial work is that the people drawn to it have been found to struggle with addiction tendencies. This could be for a number of reasons related to the stress of the work or the type of person that seeks work in this profession. Regardless, it is important to be aware that this group of people can be prone to addiction and what those addictions may consist of.

Alcohol has a known addictive appeal to people in secretarial work. Alcohol is most commonly used to calm nerves, suppress emotions and give confidence. A majority of the time, when someone is addicted to alcohol, it is being used for one of these purposes. This could mean that people drawn to secretarial positions tend to have heightened emotions or they crave comforts more than the average person. It could also mean that many secretaries feel stressed by their work.

Food has a similar appeal as alcohol to the addicted secretary. Food addictions are commonly another method of soothing stress of one kind or another. This stress may be workplace induced or from the individual’s personal life. Many secretaries claim to feel that their bosses have very high expectations of them, which can lead to feelings of anxiety. Food addictions can cause serious health problems and eating disorders.

Prescription drugs are another form of addiction that centers around seeking comforts and securities. When someone is addicted to medications or medical help, it can be because negative physical symptoms give them anxiety and they would rather medicate too heavily than feel any negative physical symptoms. It is possible for a person to throw off their pain receptors to be hyper reactive to pain, which can induce a prescription drug addiction.

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